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NEWS: A new test site is available for use. This site has an interface compatible with most browsers as well as mobile devices. New Exponare Link..

NEWS: A new layer indicating all Detailed Land Use Plans is now available. It can be viewed by using the Show/Hide Layer method. The suggested land use for a parcel is automatically returned for a selection (if the parcel or address falls within one of the plan areas). A PDF map is also available at Combined Area Plans and 2030 Plans (10/09/2015)

NEWS: The Cumberland County Street Atlas has been updated as of September 29 2015. It can be viewed under the Quick Maps Section or downloaded as one file under Downloads (09/29/2015)

NEWS: The tax assessor hyperlink has been updated to return records from the 2016 Tax Year. (09/01/2015)

NEWS: A new search routine has been added most maps allowing for users to find partial addresses. Only portions of an address are required but multiple results will be returned. (08/21/2015)

NEWS: Modifications have been made to the Municipal Boundaries on the default map that include a shaded boundary. This will hopefully help users discern different jurisdictions better. (04/30/2015)

NEWS: Residential and Commercial Sales information is now available under the Parcels by Year Sold Map in the Quick Maps Section. Sales information from either 2007 or 2010 to 2015 is listed. (03/19/2015)

NEWS: Updates have been made to the public water/sewer layers. Facilities for the Town of Spring Lake have been updated. (2/26/2015).

NEWS: Firefox mobile browsers now work with our site. We have tested this on Android devices extensively. Please note that a new version that is compatible with all mobile browsers is under development and should be available soon. (9/18/2014)

NEWS: The Parcels by Year Sold Map now includes Vacant and Improved Commercial Sales for 2006 through 2014. (3/14/2014)

NEWS: Cumberland County 2013 Aerial Photography is now available. Use the Show/Hide Layers to display !!! (1/27/2014)

NEWS: A new map for download has been added. A wall sized map at 48" x 44" of the county with the majority of streets labeled is now available under the Map Gallery Section.(11/26/2013)

NEWS: The Virtual Maps Link has been modified to update the Google Street View section of the map. Refer to New Virtual Maps Display (09/09/2013)

NEWS: Building Dimensions are now available on the Planning Information Map. Use the Layer Shortcut menu to display these features. They are only visible up to approximately 1,500 feet. NOTE these measurements should only be used as reference !!! (08/02/2013)

NEWS: The School District Map has been updated to reflect 2013 attendance areas.(06/04/2013)

NEWS: A new data layer has been added that shows the location of Zoning violations, Minimum Housing Cases and Junk Vehicle Cases. Use the Show/Hide Inspection Cases to view the incidents. This file only displays open cases. (05/22/2013)

NEWS: Two new data files for download have been added. Autocad (DWG format in Release 2004 and 2010) files for Parcels, Streets, Hydrography and Railroads are now available under the Downloads Page. (05/01/2013)

NEWS: The Outer Loop Map now contains the Public Hearing Plan Overlays. This is visible from 500' to 40,000'. Sample of Overlay Link Sample Map Link (11/2/2012).

NEWS: A more detailed view of the NC 24 widening project is now displayed on the Transportation Projects Quick Map.

NEWS: The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Crime Mapping is now available!! This information is updated nightly and only represents property crimes at this time. Use the Quick Map Link of CCSO Property Crime Map !!

NEWS: Two additional data layers have been added to the default map!! Major Subdivision Boundaries and Newly Created Subdivisions (within the last 12 Months) are now available. Use the Display/Turn off Layers Icon to add them to the map. Users can select either one by utilizing the point selection tool. Please note that new subdivisions are defined by ones we have recieved in the Planning Department and Major Subdivisions are 200 Lot/Units or greater.

NEWS: Please note that the parcel dimension labeling has been modified to reflect the measured distance of most boundaries. This labeling may not reflect what is contained on the deed or recorded plat. Please refer to those documents as needed.

NEWS: To review some of the new features please refrence this link. New Exponare Features Link


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Welcome to Cumberland County's Planning - FAMPO - E911 Addressing GIS website! By using our interactive web-mapping app, you are able to search for parcels and streets, zoom in and out, and view aerial photography. Links are also provided to view your selection in various popular online mapping systems such as GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, or Bing Maps. This site represents the official record of Streets, including the official name and location as well as the official E911 Addresses. Other sites utilizing Bing, Google or other online mapping applications as a backdrop do not show the official and up to date information of this data. You can view a tutorial that provides videos on how to use Exponare by clicking here. Otherwise, launch Exponare to get started!

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The Cumberland County Planning & Addressing Department also provides mapping products and service to citizens and businesses. Printed maps are available for a fee (see GIS Map Products) and vary by size, type, and the information shown on the map. These services are available as time permits so please consider this in your schedule. Maps are also available throughout this website and can be printed for no charge.

There are links to many types of maps that include planning, transportation, transit system and other maps of interest. Many property related items are available upon selecting various map objects such as deed images or transportation public hearing maps.

The "Quick Maps" on the left are popular maps that most people find useful. To create a custom map or to get directions or even look up tax records and deed information, you can use our Online Mapping system, powered by Exponare, below.

Static maps such as Zoning Classifications or Cumberland County's Street Atlas are available as PDF documents that can be downloaded and printed through our Map Gallery. You can also download various GIS data sets from our Downloads page.



This deparment provides complete addressing and street naming services to Cumberland County citizens. We are located in Room 119 in the Historic Courthouse at 130 Gillespie St, Downtown Fayetteville near the Market House.

Addressing and Street naming services are offered as well as development reviews.